West Philadelphia Landscape Project: Collage Series


The West Philadelphia Landscape Project collage series tells a visual story of the power of landscape literacy as a cornerstone for community development.

For more than thirty years, the West Philadelphia Landscape Project (WPLP) has worked in the Mill Creek watershed and neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA. The project's mission is to restore nature and rebuild community through strategic design, planning, and education projects. WPLP is led by Anne Whiston Spirn, a professor of landscape architecture and planning at MIT, who founded the project in 1987 when she was at the University of Pennsylvania.

Isidor Studio worked with Anne Whiston Spirn to compile hundreds of archived photos, maps, and graphics into visuals that both visually and metaphorically overlay the narratives of time and place. The medium of collage leverages a cohesive graphic form to capture the dynamism of the relationships, events, and initiatives that have been cultivated over the years.

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Completed 2021
Mill Creek, Philadelphia, PA
Photo Collage
Mel Isidor
Anne Whiston Spirn