Ujamaa Action Plan


The Ujamaa Action Plan serves to create an immediate action plan for Ujamaa Economic Development Corporation to be an effective force in implementing equitable economic development in New Orleans, LA.

The report supports the organization’s financial sustainability and provides a path to implementation for the Claiborne Cultural Innovation District (CID) Marketplace. A core aspect of the plan is highlighting the importance of art and culture as a core tenant of development. Isidor Studio was brought onto this project by Roux Collaborative to support consult on the report narrative as well as lead full graphic production for the report. Key graphics include perspective maps to highlight three proposed development projects as well as a signature photo collage to capture Ujamaa’s vision for the future.


Completed 2021
New Orleans, LA
Content consultation, report design, photo collage, mapping
Project Lead
Roux Collaborative
Dasjon Jordan, Chandra Christmas-Rouse
Ujamaa Economic Development Corporation
Vision Collage