SeePVD is a collection of 100+ photos taken in Providence, RI. In the spring of 2017, the collection was displayed across Providence through stickers that were posted in the same location as they were originally taken.

Through physical street art, the project seeks to reimagine the streets as a gallery space and inspire people to be more perceptive and explore the environment around them. Over the years, a number of the stickers have weathered, or been removed—yet a number still remain today. Similarly, a handful of sites captured have transformed over the years through traditional aging, renovation, or demolition. Beyond the creative outputs, the project serves as a visual archive of the city from 2014-2017. Overall, the SeePVD aims to explore capture how the built environment of Providence reflects its diverse history and culture. The collection represents a range of sites from well-known landmarks to subtle gems on quiet roads.


Providence, RI
Digital Photography, Adhesive Vinyl Stickers
Independent Project

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