Racial Justice Teach-In


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The five-week Racial Justice Teach-In suspended the first five weeks of classes-as-usual to initiate a change process in both the culture of practice and the culture of the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP). One year later, this book presents ideas and reflections from the teach-in as both an archive and catalyst for future action.

Isidor Studio was hired to create a dynamic design for the book to elevate content's importance and engagement within the department and beyond. The book presents a series of color-coded sections, each with weaving line elements that grow as readers move through the content. A high-contrast palette and a balance of serif and sans serif typography communicate a serious tone while maintaining a modern action-oriented feel.

The teach-in aimed to center racial justice in urban design and planning; to imagine what is required to build inclusive, thriving, and just cities. The Black DUSP Thesis inspired this initiative. Teach-In participants’ group work demonstrated that the necessary and urgent work of racial justice can be concretely integrated into research and practice.


Completed 2021
Cambridge, MA
Graphic Design
Mel Isidor
MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

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