Multiracial in Greater Boston


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Isidor Studio collaborated with the Boston Indicators to design their report Multiracial in Greater Boston: the Leading Edge of Demographic Change, which sheds new light on some of the driving forces behind the region’s growing multiracial population.

The report builds upon the recent U.S. Census data with analyses of birth and marriage records that provide insights into the multiracial and multiethnic identities that are reshaping the city and region in 2021. Inspired by the report's theme, Isidor Studio developed a visual design strategy incorporating the use of color gradients and overprint text to play as a visual metaphor for the report's focus on racially mixed and blended identities. Furthermore, the design and palette compliment the serious yet hopeful tone of the content itself. The report is organized across four sections with numerous charts designed and integrated to visually communicate demographic trends.


Published 2021
Greater Boston, MA
Graphic Design, Chart Design
Mel Isidor
Boston Indicators
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