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Isidor Studio's team collaborated with the Boston Indicators to develop the full report design and associated graphics for the Boston Indicators' 15-Minute Neighborhoods: Repairing Regional Harms and Building Vibrant Neighborhoods For All report.

Isidor Studio's team included Mel Isidor as the lead report designer and Sarah Rege as the illustrative graphic lead. The report design seeks to leverage and enliven the Boston Indicator's brand standards while communicating a clear and aspirational tone across the visual language. Content is laid out primarily in a light palette with color-coded sections, while dashed line elements were tastefully incorporated in the overall design play-off mapping aesthetics. A key graphic illustrates the five principles as proposed in the report, including (1) redesigned streetscapes that include space for walking, biking and gathering, (2) accessible commercial spaces, (3) diverse housing options, (4) a diverse and empowered resident population, and (5) strong social infrastructure.  

Produced by Boston Indicators and the Center for Housing Data at the Massachusetts Housing Partnership, this paper argues that Greater Boston is well-positioned to create networks of more walkable neighborhoods and town centers. However, maximizing this opportunity will require policy changes to improve housing access, mobility infrastructure, and equitable economic development. The paper details a vision for these neighborhoods and uses case studies from four Massachusetts communities to explore how they can better provide equitable access and opportunities to all residents.


Published 2021
Boston, MA
Graphic Design, Mapping, Urban Design Illustration, Chart Design
Mel Isidor
Sarah Rege
Boston Indicators, Massachusetts Housing Partnership, The Boston Foundation
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